A unique piece with mesmerizing pattern

Separate your entrance hall from your living room while adding something extra to your décor. Facet gives your home some privacy and still offers your guests a warm welcome. The geometric pattern is mesmerizing, chic and modern. It is strong and sturdy and it does not take up a lot of space.

Keep the open character of your living room with this modern divider

We know how important it is for you not to lose the open character of your modern living space. That is why we designed Facet to give you the privacy and separation you need between different areas, while keeping the lovely openness you intended for your home to have. Because you can partly see through Facet, it is ideal for this purpose. If you want to separate for example the lounge area from the dining area without using a large solid object, try our light and striking room divider, Facet.

With Facet you can either make your space look bigger or smaller and more cozy, depending on your strategic placement of the modern divider in your living room. In a small space, a small screen can make the space seem bigger than that it is and in a big space, a big screen can create a more intimate area on either side. Facet is a fully modular system, which allows us to make it in any size. Just give us your desired dimensions and we will start right away with production.

Facet is available in several different colors. You can go for white if you want to lighten up your place, or choose a darker color for more sophistication. The outer frame is made from light and sturdy powder-coated aluminum. You can assemble your perfect modern divider for your living room from the different options we have on offer.

One of the brilliant features of this modern divider for your living room, is that the individual parts can be rotated. This means you can adjust the amount that can be seen through the panel. You can leave it as it is for optimal privacy or flip a few of the separate facets around for more transparency.

This modern divider for the living room seen in the photo here, is installed in a spacious house in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. It is used to divide the entrance hall from the living area. It forms a beautiful feature object in the décor.

Project: Modern Divider Living Room
Location: Lynchburg, USA
Client: Residential

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