The perfect bathroom divider is here

Room divider Facet is the ideal option to separate spaces in your bathroom. What makes it so ideally suited is that it does not take up a lot of space. The renowned TV show Rescue Renovation used Facet as bathroom divider.

Size does matter

Let’s face it, most bathrooms are rather small and key is to make optimal use of the given space. That is why Facet is such an appealing choice as your bathroom divider. It is just a couple of cm’s (an inch) thick, so you won’t lose much of your precious bathroom space. What makes it even better is that we can make Facet in any size you want – from as small as 34 cm [ 13.4″ ] wide to as large as you can imagine, we can make it happen.

Play with transparency

Now that we have the practical part out of the way, it’s time to tell you about the fun part. Facet gives you the option to play with light and shadow including the amount of transparency. As you can see, the screen consists of different diamond shaped parts that form the eye-catching geometrical pattern. The separate parts can all rotate. After Facet is installed, you have the chance to see what works best in your bathroom. Do you want the screen more open or closed? No problem, just turn around a few diamonds.

We also offer Facet in different colors. Do you want to brighten up your bathroom? Then go for white. Rather want a pop of color? Then choose any of the colors we have on offer. The intricate details in the right color will bring a wow factor to any bathroom. Ordering is a piece of cake. Just fill in the dimensions. Within 24 hours your order is ready to be shipped to any destination in the world. We have clients all over the world. You can read about their experience with the Bloomming team and products.

No need to worry about installation either. With our handy, user-friendly installation guide, anybody can install Facet in their bathroom in no time.

This particular bathroom divider screen is installed in an exquisitely designed private bathroom in the USA by the talented team of the TV show Rescue Renovation. It separates the toilet area from the rest of the bathroom – looks stunning and creates the illusion of more space.

Project: Bathroom Divider Screen
Location: Denver, USA
Client: TV Show Resque Renovation
Architect: Michelle Barbossa
Video: TV Show Resque Renovation

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