Open room divider for a harmonious unity in any space

Our room divider Facet is a light-weight, partly-transparent room divider. You can use it to section off a certain part of a large room or space while still keeping a sense of unity throughout the whole interior.

With this open room divider, you will not be adding a solid partition between two areas that completely closes it off from one another. Instead, you are able to separate two areas from each other and create privacy for both sides while also providing the possibility for some form of open interaction between the two spaces.

The screen consists of separate diamond-shaped parts. These parts are connected in a certain way forming a stunning screen. Between the separate parts that form the pattern of the divider, there are small margins to freely rotate the facet elements. These margins or gaps make it possible for you to see through the screen, and to obtain an open character of the room divider. A screen like Facet allows you to get a glimpse of what is on the other side. Light can also shine through the open room divider and cast a beautiful shadow on a nearby surface in the shape of the intricate pattern of the screen.

In the picture featured here, you can also see that the diamond-shaped parts are three-dimensional. This offers even more opportunities to play with light and shadow in your space or interior. Light is reflected in several different angles throughout your interior.

Determine the amount of transparency yourself

The unique thing about our open room divider is that you are able to determine the amount of transparency that the screen gives. The diamond-shaped parts are not fixed in one position – they can rotate freely around their own axis. This means that you can adjust the pattern of the screen and the amount of transparency that you get from it. Most of the diamond-shaped parts in the picture featured here have been turned to a slight angle. Next to playful, this allows more sun rays to shine through the screen creating this dreamlike atmosphere. The fact that the room divider screen is adjustable, means that you can alter it according to the change of the seasons or just as your mood changes – you will never get bored of it.

Open room divider Facet is available in several different colors and sizes. It is also very easy to install. With each delivery, we’ll provide a simple step-by-step instruction pamphlet.

You can find more information about our open room divider when you click on the order button and go the the product page of Facet. And if you have specific questions that are not answered on this page, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out and exchange ideas how to create an open interior with our open room divider Facet. Happy room dividing!

Project: Photoshoot Open Room Divider
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Client: 101 Woonideeën
Photography: Tjitske van Leeuwen

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