The ultimate room divider screen with a unique feature

Our interior room divider, Facet, gives you the possibility to play with light, shadow, reflections and transparency. The diamond-shaped elements of this fabulous divider screen can be rotated which allows you to create beautiful patterns with the screen.

Facet separates spaces in a subtle way

Are you looking for a way to divide a space without making the room look smaller? Then Facet is the perfect solution for you. With Facet you can divide one space into two separate spaces in a subtle way. You don’t have to interfere or change anything drastic about the architecture of your add a visual barrier that will separate two spaces from each other without closing it off completely. You can still peek through the openings alongside the diamond-shaped elements. You will have a physical separation, but will still maintain the open feeling of your interior. And best of all, you can personalize the screen to fit your needs. For instance, you can open up the panel by turning some of the diamond-shaped elements around. This will allow more light to come through the screen, it will allow you to see more through the screen and it will change the pattern of the screen. All of this makes Facet a truly unique and wonderful interior room divider.

Facet  is easy to install in your interior thanks to the 6-step installation guide. It is suitable to be placed in any space thanks to the lightweight system – it weighs only about 4,5 kg per square meter – and is easy to move.

The interior room divider screen is also available in any width and height, so you can determine what suits your space best. We also offer our room divider Facet in a variety of colors. If you click on the Order button at this page or visit our Shop page, you can find all the information regarding dimensions and prices. If you still have any questions about Facet, then you can contact us at any time by email or phone. We strive to offer excellent support!

The interior room divider you see in this showcase, is situated in the office area of Capitaland in Singapore. It gives the interior a creative boost and offers privacy around the different seating areas.

Project: Interior Room Divider
Location: Singapore
Client: Capitaland
Installation: Hunter Douglas Singapore
Photography: Bloomming

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