Bloomming creates fascinating design products for your interior.

We love developing flexible and modular solutions for homes, offices, exhibitions, events and public spaces. Bloomming is all about Flexibility, Modularity and Sustainability. Our products are unique and versatile, sustainable and made in The Netherlands!

A small glimpse of our popular Facet room dividers & their endless possibilities.

Suspended Front Door Screen

Product: Facet Hanging Room Divider
Width: 136cm / 53.5″
Height: 210cm / 82.7″
Color: White



Restaurant and Bar Partition

Product: Facet Freestanding Room Divider
Width: 136cm / 53.5″
Height: 219cm / 86.2″
Color: Graphite



Dining Room Separation

Product: Facet Hanging Room Divider
Width: 102cm / 40.2″
Height: 230cm / 90.6″
Color: Pearl Gray



Black and White Room Divider

Product: Facet Hanging Room Divider
Width: 204cm / 80.3″
Height: 288cm / 113.4″
Color: Graphite & White



Let customers speak for us

"This new generation of designers challenge the foundations of architectural thought."

"Facet is a room divider that plays with light and shadow to create a beautifully patterned surface. The product relies on a smart click system and can be assembled in any size to fit any space."

"The lightweight, flexible and easy character of the Facet is suitable to divide spaces and create a new atmosphere. Bloomming has reinvented the room divider."

"A space application which is fully modular and can be extended unlimited. It is also a complete sustainable product. This combination makes Facet the perfect room divider."

"Divider Facet is rich on special silhouettes with sharp foldings and corners. Together these shapes contain the perfect balance! Change a space by turning a facet."

"When compared to the rest of the world, the Dutch are often seen as very down-to-earth. This is reflected in the design - strongly conceptual, simple, clear but still very suprising."