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Bloomming contributes to a sustainable and healthy environment through: carefully invented design responsible materials sustainable manufacturing Our commitment to upcycling material and less waste are fundamental in the way of creating sustainable solutions that lasts.

Thanks to the smart design, we’re able to use only the precise amount of materials that is required.

Everything is produced according to our customers individual designs so there’s no unused waste stock sitting around and we don’t have any storage facilities. Our packaging is mainly made out biodegradable materials and there are no unnecessary middlemen and / or transportation. We also aim to make a positive impact on our society when supporting our communities by producing locally and investing in local talent.

Unlimited upcycling

Since its inception in 2007, Bloomming’s driving force has been to create effective privacy solutions and in return, increasing both the happiness and well-being of people around the world. From the early days of our company, our first room dividers came to life by using materials and parts that not only can be assembled easily but can be taken apart very easily as well. Even for 95% without using tools. Each part is made from a material that can be re-used over and over again to make a product with the same qualities! This way our materials stay in their own life-cycle without waste.

The Bloomming reclaim program

As part of our sustainability commitments, Bloomming takes responsibility for its products over their entire life-cycle, when possible. Our reclaim program reuses and upcycles original Bloomming room dividers and their materials. Together we can give new live by transforming these materials to brand new room dividers. This program helps protect the environment and provides valuable service to our customers. All returns are managed via the Bloomming Returns Management System. Contact us for registration and process instructions.


The sustainable hanging and freestanding partition