Versatile & gorgeous

Standard window covering options come in different colors and fabrics. Some are rather conventional and slightly boring. We strive to design beautiful items that are just a little different to what we are used to. That is why we designed Facet. It is such a versatile piece and looks especially gorgeous used as a dedicated window room divider.

Light bounces off the window room divider

Its screen or panel consists of several diamond shaped pieces. Due to the particular design of these pieces, light bounces off the screen in a unique and marvelous way. If you place it in front of a window, the natural light will peek through the tiny spaces between each diamond resulting in the most wonderful window decoration piece you have ever seen.

Let light in

You have the option to hang it as it is in front of your window, or to alter it slightly to fit your particular window space. The diamond shaped pieces are not stationary. They can be moved and rotated around to make your divider unique. On an overcast day, you can turn a few of the diamond shaped pieces to reach an angle where it lets through more light and on a sunny day they can be flipped back to block the bright light.

Attach it to a rail to make it mobile

Our room divider Facet is custom made for you. We can make it in any size so that it covers your window perfectly. We also offer different ways of installation. You can attach it directly to the ceiling or to our dedicated rail system. With the rail system, you can move the screen from side to side according to the position of the sun (or you mood!). Installation is extremely easy. With our user-friendly design and step-by-step manual, anybody can do it! The flexible length wire system makes it possible to attach the screen to any type of ceiling (high, slanted, multi-level).

In these photos, you see the window room divider installed in front of a window in the lounge area of a restaurant in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. You can see the sun rays glimmer through the openings in the screen, while it also offers enough privacy from the outside.

Project: Window room divider
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Client: Moods
Photography: Bart Roos Photography