A modern look

Give your space a modern edge with this gorgeous white screen room divider. See how it brightens up a place while subtly dividing and enhancing a large space like this store area. The exquisite pattern is beautiful to behold, and the sturdy ceiling mounted attachments means that you will have a stunning and durable room divider for many years to come.

The entire white screen room divider is made up of separate diamond-shaped facets. This is also the reason why we called it Facet. The diamond-shaped facets combine to form the spectacular geometric pattern that you see in the pictures featured here. The facets are formed in such a way that the screen is not one flat surface, but instead, it has a three-dimensional effect. Light reflects off in different directions due to the different angles of these facets. This makes our room divider unique and lets you see a difference in tone even though the screen white.

Create contrast with this white screen room divider

Our room divider can look very sophisticated in an all-white interior, but it can also form a great contrast in an interior filled with vibrant colors. In the photos on this page, you can see our room divider hanging The Smile Lab in Lexington, USA. You can see the effect of combining it with white walls, a white ceiling, and a white lamp shade to get the feeling of what it will look like in an all-white setting.

The space has also some bright colored objects. You can see what the white screen room divider would look like in combination with a colorful interior. It does not matter with what colors you choose to combine it, our white screen room divider will form a dazzling eye-catcher in your home, store, office or hotel!

Customizable in all sizes

Our white room divider does not have to be large to significantly enhance and style your interior. Even smaller sizes look good, as you can see in this showcase. Facet has a modular system, allowing us to make it in any size you want. For the ceiling attachments, they are carried out in brushed stainless steel.

The screen does not take much space because it is only around an inch (or a couple of centimeters) thick. It is also very lightweight – it only weighs 4,5 kg per square meter – and can easily be attached to any type of ceiling. With our handy installation manual, you will have your beautiful white room divider hanging in no time!

Project: White Screen Room Divider
Location: Lexington, USA
Client: The Smile Lab
Architect: Betsy Roberts Reynolds, Interspace Limited
Photography: Branden Riggins

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