Partition your loft to indicate the functional spaces and create a homely atmosphere

It can be difficult to divide a large open space into different functional areas. It is also often tricky to make a large room feel cozy and warm. We’re here to help you with both these challenges: partition your loft to indicate where the different functional spaces are and it will help you create a homely atmosphere. Our room divider Facet is a stunning piece of design furniture that will pull your interior decoration in your loft together.

Modern and versatile room divider for a loft

Room divider Facet looks gorgeous from both sides, making it perfect for any loft to divide a living room from a dining room or a kitchen from an entrance hall. The screen looks exactly the same from both sides – it does not have a separate front and back side – which means you will always be looking at the “good” side of the screen, no matter from what side you are facing it.

It has a modern look about it, but, because of its simplicity, it ties in beautifully with many different styles. You can install our room divider in an industrial space just like the one featured in the picture on this page.

The sleek and modern design of the screen forms a spectacular contrast to the robustness of the industrial loft. Or you can use it to form a magnificent backdrop for an eclectic apartment with furniture and decor from different periods and styles. Our room divider for a loft also works well in a more modern, Scandinavian-inspired interior with its clean-cut geometric shapes.

This room divider for a loft is available in several different colors. Click on the product image to see the different options. The attachment pieces are carried out in brushed stainless steel. You can easily install it yourself. Our room divider for a loft is very light and is made with a smart attachment system, which means you only need to use one screw per attachment element. It can furthermore be attached to any type of ceiling, making it the perfect solution for a loft.

Lofts can be challenging spaces and we enjoy coming up with creative solutions for your tricky spaces. Facet is a fully modular system which makes it versatile and suitable for every space.

Project: Room Divider for a loft
Location: Holland, USA
Client: The Douglas Company

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