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Arrange amazing patterns, pivot the diamonds to catch the light or flip them to create more transparency.

All Sizes

As the Facet freestanding room divider is modular, it is available in 30 different sizes.


Our freestanding room divider is lightweight, stands securely and is easy to move.


Facet is available in a beautiful range of contemporary sophisticated colors.

Freestanding room divider Facet - The ultimate freestanding room divider

The ultimate freestanding room divider

The Facet freestanding room divider is perfect for dividing the space in rooms. It does this stylishly through capturing and reflecting light. The individual geometric diamond shapes can rotate independently, creating beautiful patterns of light and shade. You have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, pivot the diamonds to catch the light or flip them to create more transparency!

It is a wonderful designer piece that does not only look stunning in its own right, it divides spaces elegantly.

Freestanding Room Divider Facet - a wonderful designer piece

Massive range of dimensions

As the Facet freestanding room divider is modular, it is available in 30 different sizes. The frame is constructed from high-quality slender triangular sections just 7cm / 2.8″ in width. This shape lends the frame its elegance but also its robustness. The frame stands on a thin 3mm / 0.1″ aluminum flat base. The base is available in two sizes, 68cm / 26.8″ and 102cm / 40.2″, to match the dimensions of your divider. The widest Facet freestanding room dividers have two bases.

The Facet freestanding room divider is ideal for your home, commercial/public spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, retail stores or reception areas.

Freestanding room divider Facet - massive range of dimensions
Freestanding room divider Facet - sustainable & durable materials

Sustainable & Durable Materials

Facet is designed as a sustainable product. The screen comprises high-quality, strong and durable injection molded materials to ensure that everything we create will really last. The smart click-together system not only makes it simple to assemble, but also little effort to dismantle. Facet is fully recyclable, fire retardant, UV resistant and anti-static.


The Facet freestanding room divider can be placed anywhere in your space. It comes with a clear 6-step assembly instruction. The smart modular design makes assembly and installation very simple.

Screen color collection

Facet is available in a beautiful range of contemporary sophisticated colors. The facets of the geometric diamond shapes catch the light at different angles, creating an attractive array of different shades of the screen’s color.

Facet’s unique adjustable design allows you to adapt the way it looks in your space. The fact that you can customize your Facet freestanding room divider means you have absolute freedom to arrange amazing patterns, catching the light or flipping the diamonds to create more transparency. You can adjust the Facet to suit your exact needs.

Freestanding room divider Facet screen color collection
Freestanding room divider Facet brochure and price list

Brochure & Price list

Download our brochure and find out everything you need to know about our beautiful freestanding room divider.

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Hanging Out!

If you like our Freestanding room divider but you would love Facet even more if you could suspend it from the ceiling, please check out our Facet Suspended Room Divider!

Facet Color Sample

Freestanding room divider Facet comes in 6 different colors. We can imagine it is a struggle to pick your favorite color online. A Facet Color Sample is the best way to evaluate the Facet colors available in real-life before placing your order.


What our customers are saying:

Lon murphy Universal Music Group Testimonial

Excellent customer service and follow up!

Beautiful, sculptural and practical at the same time!

Lon Murphy Universal Music Group - USA Room divider Facet 23 July 2019


An Artistic Piece of Art!

It was a great online purchase experience for me, as Bas was so patient in responding to all my questions before I placed my order. As I was renovating my house, I had to delay my purchase of the divider facet for about 5 months. I was pleasantly surprised that Bas remembered my enquiries and wrote me a follow-up email to inform me of stock availability. My husband installed it and both of us are totally enchanted by it. As much as it is a divider facet, it is also a great art piece to be admired! Thank you Bas for such a simple yet amazing and impactful design!

Karen Ng Singapore Room divider Facet 13 February 2017

Michael Nouri Suna Testimonial

Good Looks and Easy Assembling

Facet looks very good, all parts fit perfectly so assembling was easy. I will suggest this room divider for various future projects.

Michael Nouri SUNA - Austria Room divider Facet 28 November 2018

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