Invisible Hallway Divider Hanging Room Divider Facet White 170x230cm 821x600px

How to separate a hallway from the rest of the room?

A good way to do this is to use an almost invisible hallway divider. Something that is light, delicate and beautiful to look at, will work perfectly as your new hallway divider. Look at our room divider, Facet: it does not close off the hallway like a brick wall would have done, instead, it lets the light of the room shine through to the path that it creates. Facet guides you in the right direction. It clearly sections off the hallway and at the same time, it hangs in the open space as a piece of art for everyone to admire.

Product: Hanging Room Divider Facet
Width: 170cm / 66.9″
Height: 230cm / 90.6″
Color: White
Price: $2,539.79

Welcome your guests with this almost invisible hallway divider.

Give your guests a friendly welcome with Facet as your hallway divider. Facet gives you the possibility to adjust the invisibility effect of your room divider. You can turn the facets to personalize the look of your screen. Not only will this enable you to choose how much you want to allow your guests to see through the room divider, but it also creates a playful effect.

Assemble Facet in no time.

Facet is as easy to assemble as one, two, three. It is made from lightweight material with an ingenious design. We include an easy to follow manual so that you can start right away. If you have questions or need your hallway divider to be customized to fit your needs, we are happy to help. Contact us before you order and we will make sure your room divider works in your unique space. You can also choose from a range of colors. Let your hallway divider blend in with your interior or choose a contrasting color for extra pizzazz.

The separation screen with a perfect pattern.

The hallway divider seen on this page is situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It gives a lovely brightness and texture to the otherwise predominantly smooth and gray open space. The way they have turned the facets in the top left corner gives a playful effect to the room divider.  The primary function of this screen is to separate the hallway from the rest of the space. It also becomes a piece of art for everyone to admire with its perfectly pleasing pattern.

Project: Hallway Divider
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Client: Oracle
Installation: Smeulders IG
Photography: Michael van Oosten

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